Welcome to the 2020 NEON!

We are delighted to host this special event and want to welcome and thank all the teams for their support of Nutmeg Curling Club, the NEON Bonspiel and Junior curling. We’re so glad you came to curl with us!

We hope you enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie and wish you good curling and great fun here at Nutmeg!

We will be broadcasting the NEON live on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to Nutmeg Curling Club’s YouTube channel and you’ll automatically be notified when the games are live.

Thank you to the USWCA for sponsoring the NEON this year. Curlers traveling more than 150 miles by car or 300 miles by bus, train or air to attend the NEON may apply to the USWCA for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Thank you to Craig’s Curling Shoes for sponsoring our raffle – a custom shoe conversion! We love the curling shoes they have made for our club members and are so pleased to be offering their service to one lucky curler at the NEON this year! We appreciate your support!

Thank you to Steve’s Curling Supplies who is sponsoring a Sportsmanship Award this year at the NEON! We love the idea of promoting sportsmanship and appreciate your support!

We also offer our thanks to the many Nutmeg Members and Junior Parents who volunteered for the ice, food and non-stop efforts at the NEON. It is through their hard work and dedication that we are able to make this such a great bonspiel!

For more information about Nutmeg Curling Club please visit our website!

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